A Dream of Escape?

Hello dear blogging friends, yep, its afternoon and its that time of the day once again o'Joe gonna sneak in a quick post. Firstly, thousands of apologies for not posting new stuff for a week, festive season this year was a super time for relaxation and tinkering with my new project at home. More on that later.

I had a dream, it took place night time, with a moon lite sky, I found myself buy paddling across a river (?) or strait on a big rubber tire tube as a make shift raft and a broken canoe paddle. I had a passenger, she was a malay girl, dress in just a sarong, holding tightly to me as I fight the strong current to make our way to the opposite bank.

For some odd reason, I was supposed to help this girl to enter a country(?) illegally via the water way and aid her in finding someone. I had the impression that I was sneaking into Singapore. There was a lack in border enforcement because I managed to reach the other side without being caught. Hey, its my dream, so, anything can happen.

I proceed to help the girl by car jacking a 4x4, I think it was a Honda CRV, metallic dark brown. We then drove and drove all night all over the island attempting to find who she was looking for. We drove till dawn, then we realize that we have been in a stolen vehicle for a long while and it was better to switch. So, we car jack again, this time it was a Toyota Landcruiser in dark green, quite old and pretty banged up. We choose this 4x4 for low profile reasons being day time and all.

As we drove and walk the streets, we also realized that we were not properly dressed as a typical islander, she in her sarong was a dead give away and me, in torn clothes was no brainer. We did steal some articles of clothing but can't remember what it was. What I can remembered, we did not find who the girl was looking for, we did not get caught and we did not leave the island.

If anyone reading this and is good in interpreting dreams, please tell me what is this all about. No, I did not harbour any desire to steal my way into Singapore nor helping anyone to sneak into the place. The dream was clear as day but I cannot understand why it happened that way. I do hope this is not some future thingy, that will be quite disturbing. Cheers!