A Ode to Chinese New Year

There is something that means or symbolizes the festival and Chinese New Year is no different. It can be the red colours, the bright lanterns, the festive cookies, ang pows, red clothes, lion dances and such. To me, what means the most about Chinese New Year is the smell, the smell of gun powder burning. Yes, firecrackers,

The burning of firecrackers
The smell of burned firecrackers
The loud bangs of firecrackers
The lion dances with firecrackers
The messy red floor after the firecrackers
The 7am wake up call of firecrackers
The bright lights of firecrackers

Nothing means more than the essences of burning firecrackers, it is the only way to celebrate and welcome the new year, with bangs, loud bangs, continous bangs of those long bright red 20 feet firecrackers. Guess what I'm gonna do? Heh. Cheers!

Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni, Happy Chinese New Year!