Time Runs Away!

Hi ya! This be my very first work post of the year. Is been a little messy yesterday with all that business of settling down. It is incredible, just how much paper work you've generated and filed up in four years, including close to 2 GB of digital information. I took the entire day to transfer all that soft data to my brand new labbie.

Yep, a new year and a new laptop. This is a Fujitsu Lifebook P Series, what's that you asked? Well, it is half the size of the normal ones, so it is compact and light but on the downside, it's got tiny keyboards, not an ideal laptop for blokes. Evertheless, good riddance to my old one, i think it is gonna crash on of these days, after much abuse for the last four years.

Well, the new year sure started with full of challenges, i'am to take over three projects, multiple clients this time, to my amazement, the project deadlines are a little behind time but the real bad thingy is the project time allocation. For the month of Jan 2006 there is 200 hours of work need to be complete. Looking at my time in January, i've only got 128 hours.

Hello? How do you fit that in? Who was the wise guy who did the planning, i'll like to kick him in the neither regions like right now. hmm, i was told to make do with whatever resources that i have. Wonderful! Is there anyone out there is a time management wizard, appreciate some advice. Better yet, anyone knows the way to the black hole, maybe i can throw this project in there. Anyhoo, back to the slave camp and stove in the hot oven for now. Cheers!