Parking, Lunch and Yuck

It's been awhile since i last worked in KL, it is a very very expensive place to be, compare to Petaling, Subang and Shah Alam. My collegue and i dropped by at Wisma UOA II for lunch. The open air parking here costs RM7.00 per entry! blek! Imagine, i'll have to spend RM140 a month just on parking compare to my FOC parking at Glenmarie. Have to find a cheaper solution and no, i can't take the LRT or the buses, i need the car day in day out.

Went to Subway (the sandwich place) for lunch. I didn't take any food, just a drink but my friend took the chicken sandwich. As we where discussing over our work, my friend notices something is moving in his sandwich. Upon investigation, he found that there is an one inch long worm doing its thing in his meal! Can you imagine that, these things we tend to read in papers and dismiss it as hoax or trickery but here you have a live example!

Needless to say my friend almost throw up. The manager wanted to replace said sandwich, well, no thank you. He then gave us some free voucher and some free bottled drinks plus a full refund on our lunch. According to the people there, it is suppose to be a cabbage worm, we don't really want to know what it is! At least for now, we'll be staying away from sandwich, salads and Subway! Cheers!