My 10 Car Garage

Every pertolhead have their very own 10 car list, its a fantasy to have the best 10 cars of your choice and here is my very own list of the cars that I think I will be proud to own.

  1. Mazda RX-8, this is a must for me, it is in a word, brilliant. Why? five reasons, it is in very way a sports car but it can seat four, have enough boot space to take in two golf bags, 0-60mph like a proper sports car, have a one of a kind exotic engine and it is economical. Wot? economical?

    Yes, and you can't say that in the same sentence for any sports cars. The RX-8 comes with a 1.3 liter rotery engine, an engine size that would be more at home in a small compact car. This engine produces 250bhp, no small feat on Mazda who is the only company which uses the Wankel rotery since the first RX-7 and before that.

  2. Audi RS4, you might think M3 but I perfer the RS4, call me unconventional but I love Audi and their brilliant quattro and the M3 doesn't have that. At very level, the RS4 is on par with the BMW rival and on top of it, it will be at home on the public roads unlike the M3 which will still goes berserk. Besides, four doors are better than two, I like my car to come with stereo and air condition, the M3 doesn't have either, my boot floor not made of cardboard or my roof and bonnet made from carbon fibre bits.

  3. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. HA! you say, finally a real sports car, yes it is and more. The 612 is a 2+2 car and have enough luggage space for three of your friends to go on a vacation while still look good on an Autobahn. Do you know that they took the Scaglietti on a 15,ooo miles road trip across China?

    From the Himalayas to Shanghai on all types of road terrains. Yep, how many sports car could manage such feat? The 612 is a proper GT car, a grand tourer. A typical sports car can't do long distance without first inflicting some physical damage to the driver but the 612 can do that without getting your spine shattered.

  4. Porsche 911 Turbo, what respectable petrolhead will not include a 911? Porsche have been producing proper sports cars and the 911 is the pinnecle of german sporting excellence. This is the car that car manufacturers will benchmark when creating a sports car. Everyone wants to be on par or beat the 911.

  5. Mercedes McLaren SLR, what can I say about it? It is Mercedes showcase car, just look at the designs, that slick jacknife profile, those shark-like side gills, that formula one front end and those beautiful wheels. It's the ultimate gearhead's toy. The SLR is not just all show and no go, underneath is the superb McLaren tuned engine that sounds like a Spitfire charging down the road. In a word, breathtaking.

  6. Volkswagen Golf GTi, every boy racer will know that the GTi is all about. The Golf have made a cult following ever since the first pocket rocket rolled out of VW. It's been a fat GiT over the years but VW has come to their senses in the 2005 GTi model by bringing the car back to its roots. You have class and power in one single package and no one will accuse you of being immature for driving a Golf GTi. Smashing!

  7. Subaru Impreza WRC, you can have your EVO, your WRX, Silvas and GTR but I want a World Rally Championship-spec Impreza, yes, what more fun you can have then actually driving a rally car. A fun day at the dirt course and in muddy or snowy roads, brilliant.

  8. Mercedes Brabus SL55 K8, this is based on Mercedes's wonderful SL500 convertible. I think softops are fun to drive in when on vacation but I perfer the metal roof versions and SL55 have got the worlds' best softop around. I also like the fact that I can have a mean vacation car by getting it Brabus or AMG-nized. It's actually very blink to have those big bodykit and that souped up engine but who cares! A monster convertible sounds great.

  9. Corvette C6, mention the American Dream, people outside the states will associate those words with the Corvette. Yes, there are Camaros, Firebirds, Barracudas and Mustangs but to me, the Vette has it all, class, muscle, grace and ageless. You never get tried from looking at that slick front that sweep all the way to the back with the low wide profile, its just kness numbing.

    Do you know that Corvettes dominate the Le Mans races in the GT1 category, that is no small feat to do. Le Mans is one of the tougest endurance race around. Another brilliant bit is that the Corvette is a blue collar sports car, it doesn't cost a billion zillion bucks to buy, you don't have a waiting list or be chosen to own one. Anyone can buy a piece of this wonderful heritage and to me, that is truely an American Dream.

  10. Honda NSX Type R, it is still the only proper mid-engine Japanese sports car and it is now a classic, Honda had discontinue its production. A beautiful rear wheel drive car that was designed with the help from the late great Aryton Senna, not any sports car can boast about that, not even Ferrari.