Meme R Us

Got tagged by Angelblaze on a word based meme. I have to write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:
  1. I
  2. me
  3. blowjob
  4. grapes
  5. random
  6. power
  7. loneliness
  8. water
  9. robot
  10. blue
The following entry are fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Please do not try this at home, at any bars or public area. Viewer discretion is advice.

A Nite At Soro's

I was with Scotty Blue over at Soro's, for our usual mid week night drinks. He was unusually quiet this time unlike his noisy riot self. As the matter of fact, he looks to be a little like a robot. Wondered why. Here's our random chat that night.

Hey Scotty, whatsup man, you looked zoned out?
Huh? oh, yeah, think there is something wrong with me.
Yeah? What's about?
Not been getting blowjob offers from my girlfriend.
That problem again huh. Did ya try the grapes thingy earlier on?
Yep, did that but it didn't last long enough man.
That's bad man, joy is two and loneliness is when relationships are for one.
You don't say, the way things are, the power is in my mind to change it.
What you need to do is stop that heavy drinking and switch to water. That way you don't pass out or throw up everytime you get a bj.
Yeah, guess so.

~the end~

I shall in my meme duties tag the following nice and beautiful folks:-

  1. Helen
  2. Lilian Chan
  3. Ah Pek
  4. Alex Allied
  5. Hedonistics
Thanks in advance for participating! Have a nice week then. Cheers!