Lifetimes and Favourite Things Meme

Got tagged by Alex Allied with a meme, I did this before BUT I'll do so again with gusto because I can, I could and I shall. First of all, remove the blog in the no.1 spot from the following list and push everyone up one place. Then add your own blog to the bottom spot.
  1. d'Doinkster Speaks
  2. My Doggie Life
  3. Che-Cheh
  4. Alex Allied
  5. JoeC Crash Pad
Then, answer the following questions :

10 Years Back, Its the begining of my life as a young adult and it was tough and scary. My future was uncertain and it is really a time where you can screw up if you do not manage it properly. I nearly did not make it, there was soo much issues to address, its a system shock to me. I came to realized for the first time that I can no longer just be a student and that I need to earn my way is life. There was a wide big horizon ahead and I can only wonder where to head, looking back, I think I could just have fail easily but I did not, I was lucky and blessed. The good Lord was watching over me and keep me from harm's way.

1 Year Back, life as a working adult is not easy, I can say that it suxed now and then. I'll really advise my children to enjoy life as a youngster while they can, don't be in a hurry to grow up.

5 Enjoyable Snacks, japanese rice crackers, dried seaweed, dried cutterfish, tuna with ritz crackers and yam cakes.

5 Songs I can Sing, tracks from Samuel Hui, Metallica - Enter Sandman, tracks from Def Leppard, tracks from Roxette and BeeGees - Staying A Live.

5 Things I Do as a Multimillionaire, setup my very own Formula One Team, have the 800 seat Airbus A380 as my personal jet, buy a trip to the International Space Station, have my very own 40 room English Castle and buy Bora Bora.

5 Bad Habits, if I am lazy, I'll tend to stay that way, I need a boost in the morning to get me going, use my super horn on fast lane hoggers, slow drivers and blur sotong drivers.

5 Things I Love To Do, sail around the world, participate in the Paris-Dakar Rally, walk on the Great Wall, ride a 1000cc motorbike in Arizona and ride a bicycle across France in the summer.

5 Things I'll Never Wear, clown shoes, leather pants, purple underwear, hair net and anything bright yellow in colour.

5 Favourite Toys, my mighty EMTEC thumb drive, my SE700i handphone, my collection of Top Gear episodes all the way back in 2002, my Survival Combat Hunting Knife and Bit Comet :)

I don't think there is a need to pass the tag because its been around already, I'm sure half the blogging community had their share BUT if you wanna be tagged, consider yourself tagged and done! Cheers!