Gone In 60 Minutes!

New Year means lots of things to me, new goals, new blog page, new people and new job. What I like the most is new clothes, yep, you read me right. I love to shop for clothes but I do it like my shoes are on fire and I like it that way. I like to be updated in my apparels especially my office clothes, I have this thingy about new shirts, like a brand new start of something and you are ready to tackle that wild new jungle out there. I love to be fashionable but not fashion crazed like some misguided poor soul. Brand is one thing but a reasonable price gets my vote, after all you change your clothes like the seasons, a few expensive bits are fine but not a closet full.

Nowadays you can get good brands at great prices too and you can bet there is a sale waiting for you all year round, brilliant. For my new year shoppe craze, I spend RM1000 in one hour, yep, blew 1 grand in just 60 minutes. This is not impressive if compare to the ladies but from a bloke, I think that is something. For all that greenback, I've got three shirts, two pair of pants, three ties and a pair of leather shoes to boot throw in some socks and under shirts. I think I should do this more often, it felt wonderful. That is a reasonable amount to spend and I'm happy with it.

On the other end of the scale is the extremely expensive but no value to them. Case to point? Is this joint, Miss Sixty, this here shop is at our premier shopping place, KLCC Suria. I'm no fashion guru but the word from Brand Girl is that this clothes line is quite the name in Italy, can someone confirm on that?

Why is this place extreme? See on the left, that's Turbo T with Brand Girl looking at that belt, how much? RM200 for a leather belt, it's something. That's cheap compare to the right, a simple flower-ish semi transparent casual half blouse in the form of a rag cloth and how much? RM500, yep, that's half the money I spend, which is good enough for me to buy three new shirts! Miss Sixty best value jeans was RM499, I was quite speechless by now.

How on earth can someone affort it? That's why some girls don't spend as much for their meals, with prices like these, they'll be thin in no time. Hey, don't shoot me, I am sure Miss Sixty have the latest fashion at reasonable price but my question was who is the fashion designer behind that brand? Anyone famous? A toptier well known designer? The answer was no, no one, it's just happen to sell trendy apparels. I can understand and dish out for a good Armani or Ermenegildo Zegna suit and apparels but not for the life of me buy a RM499 best value jeans. In the case of Miss Sixty is gone in two minutes, nice but no thank you. Cheers!