A Simple Plan

Today's happy meal was brought to you by the letters "K" and "S". Dropped by this place with Bun Bun at 1 Utama mall, new wing, a joint named Kluang Station, name after the actual rail station in Kluang and from an actual restaurant there. The looks have the old colonial decor, with white wooden walls and nice old time coffee shop furnishing.

The meals offered consists of simple food which is pre-cooked and mircowaved for a quick serve. The prices are reasonable, you have to remember that this place is in a major shopping mall, rentals here commands premium ringgit. All in all, food you'll expect from a typical old town coffee shop in a new spankle setting. Question was, is the food any good?

The simple ice coffee was good, the taste is full bodied, as good as Coffee Bean and only less than RM3.00 per glass, you can have three glasses for one fancy ice blend coffee! Brilliant! I ordered the Nasi Ayam Merah (Red Chicken Rice) while Bun Bun took the Chicken Chop. The red chicken was nice, light and fullfilling and Bun Bun claimed that the chicken chop taste like authetic hainan style dish. For a fast and simple meal, Kluang Station is the place, it took us less than half hour from ordering, eating and paying up. Cheers!