A Day At State

Finally decided to do the MyKad after a two year delay. I did not merely delay due to laziness but rather I want to give the MyKad system time to stablize and whatever teething problems, ironed out. So, I arrived at the State JPN branch at 7.00am, here I thought I was early, to my amazement there were hundreds of people lined up. There is one chap claimed that he showed up since 5.00am, I think that was a little extreme. There was a loonngggg line all the wayyy.........

....to the back of the building. This was only phase one, where you take a number, just the number. Luckly, they did give a time frame as to when you should go back for the next phase. I had spend a good three hours for the number, I was # 670. When I came down, there was at least another 500 to 600 people waiting in line. I was to go back at 4.00pm. It was 9.50am.... what to do? what to do?

I decided to wander around State and see what is happening. I've not been here for a very long time. Had some simple pork noodle breakfast and coffee and enjoyed the morning paper at Fook Yun. After a loooong leisure meal, I went for a slow comfortable stroll in the neighbour. I found out that the former State Cinema was open again! Had my hair cut, still there was time to spare...... totally bored with the place, drove out to Mid Valley mall to catch a noon show and some lunch before going back to State.

Actually it takes less then 15 minutes to get your record confirmed, finger print and photo taken, all in all a rather painless and efficient system, brownie points to JPN. Those of us who deals with government bodies will understand what I mean. Could be worst, so, I'm not complaining.

Later, dropped by with a few friends at TGIF for din-din. Before this, I had some reservations about TGIF food standards, in the past, it was not really up to par compare to Chili's. I was glad that they change their menu and the food tasted much better. I ordered the cajun chicken salad, pretty good, the chicken bits was warm and crunchie with fresh veggies. All in all a satisfactory din-din. A very long day indeed but I was glad that the MyKad business was sorted out. Cheers!

(MyKad is the national identity card that all citizens must have. It's a smart card that contains personal information stored in a digital form)