A Neat Cozy House

If I ever had a chance to renovate or build a house of my own, it might just be something like this place here. I like houses that blend in with the surroundings, a warm yet cozy place for you to come home to. The owner here have opt for a English like country cottage look with nice redbrick white borders, I like that bit there. I like the fact that it has enough balance of greens but not being overwhelm by plants. Pretty!

You know what really gets me is, I just don't see why people would place two to four gigantic roman pillers in front of their house, some have huge windows everywhere like some post-modern art-deco Piccaso gone wrong and some even mix western and chinese designs that is totally mismatched. Showing off like that just tells people that the owner got no taste at all. Ok, maybe that's too harsh, afterall beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyhoo, I won't do all that. I like my home to be at peace with itself and not a raging monolith. Cheers!

(Nikon 4500 Coolpix)