Nasi Lemak Joy

If you are ever around the Crown Princess area in PJ, do stop by at Chuan Lee, the only coffee shop around there. The place is located opposite the cluster of white condos which in turn is opposite the hotel. Is one of those old kopitiam with the super high ceiling, enough room to build another level in the shop. It's popular with weekday lunch crowds and a nice quiet place to have weekend breakfast and lunch.

What I like about the place, is this nasi lemak store, run by the old gentleman on the right. It is value for money bit of a meal, chunks of meat, sotong, healthy dash of kacang, ikan bilis, sambal and all goes for less than RM5.00, satisfaction guarantee. It is popular too, on the day I took this shot, there was this auntie who ordered take away, so that she can take it with her to Australia! wow, kinda expensive bit of nasi lemak there. The char kuey teow is another popular store while other stores are competent. All in all a nice kopitiam place. Cheers!

(SE 700i)