I Believed

You know, you just don't know who those people who work with you until they take a piss on your face behind your back.
Yep, I've found revelation today and let me tell you that is an understatement. There have been some problems concerning a Mr. Khoo, you see, he have not been performing well and there was questions raise about his work by Mr. Fast, who is one of the top guys in my company and Mr. Khoo is like my supervisor. I'm always ok with Mr.Khoo and I personally respected him and Mr. Fast have gave him praise.

Today, I got a phone call from Mr. Fast and I was shocked. What I didn't know was that, Mr. Khoo had backstabed me in front of Mr. Fast saying that I was useless and that he (Mr. Khoo) let me work with him cause Mr. Fast had faith in me. Mr. Fast was very pissed at me once cause there was a fumble in our project that seems to be my fault, now I know who set the fire.

Further, Mr. Khoo have also played the stab game in front of Mr. Happy, our other division head, Khoo told him that I was screwing things up in one of our inter-department assignments that involves Mr. Happy's section. So, Mr. Happy at one time didn't really did like me at all, which I didn't know why but now I know who was pouring poison into Mr. Happy's ear.

Mr. Fast today told me all these plus a ton of shit Mr. Khoo been doing since his time here. Mr. Khoo have been creating all kind of shit excuses and he even dare to challenge his superiors when they questioned his performance. The thing was that Mr. Khoo manage to stay at his position cause he was critical to our projects. Today, Mr. Fast said that this will be changed...... SOON.

Least to say I was in a state of WTF, I was thinking, why did Mr. Khoo do this to me? Have I kill his cat? kill his parents? or done any harm to him that he was on a mission to DESTROY me? Why would someone do this for pleasure? Why do they want to play such games on people's livelihood? We were a team, if I don't place my trust on Mr. Khoo then how are we gonna work? Yet, HE turn around and stab me?

You know what? Mr. Fast's faith in me is more than all that stabbing amounts to, that is why he had told me all this. Mr. Fast have also told me that he will promote me and giving me a raise because of my work and my loyalty to the company. I will be the only one in the section who will be getting this bit of boost. I was beyond words, beyond words. My friends, is that not ironic?

In all of this mess, I realised that my faith in the Lord have kept me honest and in the narrow. This was the key to my survival and for that my brothers and sisters is why my faith in my Lord have not deminished. I always believed that my Lord is my judge, jury and executioner. I shall not seek revenge because my Lord will redeem my faith in HIM and judgement day will cometh to those who deserves it.

As a rule I don't blog about work but for this case I want to share with you just how evil some people are and that we should be on guard. More importantly, I truely want to share this as a testimony about christian faith. My friends, if you believed in the Lord, don't stop believing in HIM because HE has never stopped believing in you!

I encourage you to share this as I have with you. Have a nice weekend then. Cheers!