Chelsea is Crap Boring

Chelsea won again, are we surprised? NO, are we shocked? NO, are we getting bored? YES. They beat Wigan by a goal to nil.... well, whoopie do. What's new. Lampard score again.... BOooRING! I think the EPL is getting real, real lame and no thanks to jose and the blue monkeys. I have far less chance in predicting an accurate weather forecast compare to a blues game winning forecast. Money can buy fame and victory, but it really spoil the market and makes the game uninteresting like what we have been seeing with jose's blue boys.

For the life of me, can someone kill them? Like can someone crash into droba, land on top of joe cole, ram a boot up terry, drive a spike into essien and tackle the crap out of lampard... c'mon, a month or two of injuries for these guys will do some good to the entertainment value in EPL...... c'mon blues, try to lose a few games.... bet you will like it, adds a bit of tension to your miserable boring lives. You guys are soo afraid of losing! why? too rich? too coward?

Let me tell you, you guys are NOT exactly talented, yeah, big money brought you over but the facts are you guys are just plain lucky, thats it. A team full of so called "talented" players and ONLY TWO top scorers? The math just doesn't add up. In other words, you guys have... NO TALENT, zip, zero, nada. c'mon 1-0 against wigan? on a home game? money wasted on you lame arse boring sissys. Your luck is gonna run out and you'll be crying.