Crashed On My First Blog Review

Well, you can't say that I'm not consistent, afterall, this here is a crash pad! I'd submited my blog earlier for some good old fashion roasting by the good people of I talk too much, who are they? well, if you have read my earlier post, then you know. Their primary role is to review blogs. Here is the watery review. I must say that I did find it rather profound. I have also post my comment at their site. Important review points:-

1. I was knocked for having use "slang" english, e.g. teh, plz, ppl, etc. I was further knocked for not using proper old english plus a triple knock for using local words e.g. "la".

2. The overall colour of the blog was not too great, it's bad, real bad, according to the them. Which left some readers drowning and perhaps some seasick, oh boy.

3. I was found to be rather boring, much, much boring. That created some health problems for the reviewer.

Since this is a nice day for reviews and such, do take the time to read said review and I would appreciate very much, if you can feedback on the following:-

a. How did you find the blog review?
b. What is your opinion about JoeC Crash Pad?

Thanks for the word. Cheers!