A Bored Speedy Nite

Dropped by this here place the other nite, one of the many mamak (indian muslim) joints in USJ Taipan. I nicknamed the place Kayu Terbakar (Wood on fire) why? cuz I kept getting a vision of wood burning up whenever I saw the signage. So, CY and myself grab a little mid-nite supper in our usual mid-nite runs.

A simple fair of flour meals, on the left, Roti Naan Garlic, a bread baked in, well, garlic... the right is Roti Sardin... yep, you guessed it, I did say it was simple, ain't it? Feeling pretty bored, I decided to test out the Nikon speed shuttle feature in sports mode.... is it any good? well, you be the judge...........

I think it worked brilliantly! I had to shorten the in between frames to give you a condensed result. All of this in a little less then 10 seconds, well yes, there is a pretty lady on the pix, you do need a focus subject plus I had requests to take photos of lengluis on the previous post, so I'm complying said requests. The excellent thingy is that no one noticed, not even CY..... hehehehe, I love stealth features in digi cams. Cheers!

(Nikon 4500 Coolpix ROCKS!)