200th Posts! WT ~ Food on the Move

Yaaaay! A milestone! Reached my 200th posts, my, it's been quite the learning experience the last four months. How appropriate to mark this occasion with a wacky post for a Wacky Thursday. I very much like to thank all of you who stopped by to read my humble blog. I do really appreciate your wonderful continual support! Yaaay!

Taking a break from the norm of the usual WT posts, here is a new future of canned food. Just buy some off the shelves, then proceed to an empty parking lot to set fire to your food!

Let it burn, burn, burn...... till you see your food, all nicely preped on a stick, hot and ready to eat.

Ahhh.... lunch, food have never been this instant since the caveman days nor this fresh off the fire.

The anatomy of the instant food on the move, very Ikea! Have a nice week then. Cheers!

(Courtesy of Kembara Girl)