So Long Georgie! Cheers to ya!

Nov 26, this morning, I'd learn that Best had pass away due to multiple organ failure after eight weeks of ill health. He was 59. Honestly, I didn't think he'll pass go this time, there have been one too many close calls to begin with. Who was George Best? He's the Ireland national who plays forward for Manchester United. During his time in Man U, he was THE most brilliant and naturally gifted forward Man U or the English League have ever seen and that is not an overstatement.

In all the taped footage I've seen him in, he was nothing but fast and lightning quick, that is his killer skills on the field. Most of the time, the opposition defenders just stood there, as Georgie pass them by like the wind. Its almost like the ball was tied to his foot. There is this one footage I saw of him, Best got past four players without breaking a rhythm and they all saw him just waltz by, truely a sight to behold. He can turn with the ball at the stop of a dime and reverse in a blink of an eye. His zigzag attack is hallmark and the opposition feared him for it.

Best played for ManU between 1963-1973, appearing in 466 games, scoring 178 goals. Under George, the Portuguese giant Benfica suffered their first ever defeat in Lisbon in 1966 and Best thumped the Portuguese club in 1968 to win the European Cup in the final at Wembley. Benfica was the Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus of that time. George also helped Man U to win two League titles. He was the mega superstar of his day, if he was in today's market, Best will be bigger then any of the football superstars put together.

I was too young to have seen him in action but I was fortunate enough to have meet him in person some years back, during his visit here, an event organized by the local Man U supporters club, we exchanged a few words and shoke hands. It was a cherished moment, not many have an upfront opportunity to meet a bonefide legend. In my books, I place him amongst the greats of Pele, Johan Cruyff and Franz Backenbauer. Georgie, you will be sadly missed and will forever remain in our hearts.

Should you have any memories or remarks on this topic, please feel free to leave your comments. As a mark of respect to George Best passing, I am keeping this post here up all week, any updates will be after this entry. To know more about George, head over to BBC

Thank you.

George Best 1946-2005

So long Georgie, three cheers to ya!

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