Lazy Sunday Meatoball

After an exhausting Saturday, I was dragged out bed for a bit of breakfast.
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In this busy, busy street of Brickfields on a Sunday morning......

There is this place, Lay Sin, it occured to me, that this here joint is the only chinese kopitiam in this area, Brickfields are predominantly an East Indian community.

This here be my second cuppa for the morning..... right then on with the story....

The place serves up a great bowl of pork noodles, yep, a simple meal but utterly delicious. It is all in the soup that hook ya in. I take mine big with an egg on top.......

Ahhhh, good to the last drop..... this lovely dish was brought to you by....

Team Pork.... yes, the boss is the man in white, the guy who cooks up the magic soup. So, far, after all these years, the quality is consistence, it never let up. Oh yeah, they only do breakfast and lunch crowds.

The humble Team Pork store front, amazing. Anyhoo, feeling still a little wanting on the food bit and feeling nostalgia for another Sunday thingy.

On to Ikano, the mall with the country's most admired carpark complex. I've never fail to be impressed whenever I'm here, a carpark that can only be rivaled by The Curve, next door. It is well lighted, painted floors and zebra crossings... all very Ikea-ish.

Decided to get some beef meat balls, yumyum. I love the meaty and beefy tastes. ahh, like the hobbit would be proud to have, a second breakfast. Brilliant.

Spotted this nice decor, fitting for Chrismas.

A bloke with the bottle attached to his belt, I was curious, why anyone would wanna carry around a bottle in this manner? It's like he was hook on water or something. Well then, different folks. different strokes.

Stop by here, brought three shirts and four pairs of bermuda shorts and all for RM100, cheap! yesyes, I was a bit short on shorts, was begining to wear sarong around the house. Cheers!