I'm Sooo Not In Today

Yesterday.... or rather this morning? Caught the Pottie movie over in MidV with ES and it was the 12.10am show, so, you can guess where the problem started? I didn't know that the movie lasted almost 2 and a half hours, no wonder my back going numb towards the end. Manage to drop ES off and reach home around 3.30am -ish, turn on my PC and stare at it...... I dun really know why I did tat, ended up 4am-ish. Angelblaze's site was down, I was baffled, it said "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded". Wot the hell does that mean? It was still down this morning...hmmmm. Chk up on her later.

I'm suppose to show up for work today, in the morning, at 8am? Right, brilliant. After just 3 plus hrs, which I call a nap really, off to work sans coffee! Am I crazy or what! So, imagine Joe the Zombie doing "work" today, not much productivity there. My mind is like not turned on, or it is in this neither world? I called it zone out. BUT I did get my things sorted out and manage to do some updates on this here blog too. This was at the expense of not taking tea breaks at 10am and skipping lunch at 1pm to beat the clock! Ka-ching!

So, now you have a brain dead, zone out and hungry zombie at the end of the day, super! I manage to grab an hr cat nap in the evening and a bit of din-din. Oh yeah, my shower head broke-off when I was busy washing my hair. I gotta fix the dang head while butt nakid and wet with lovely shampoo dripping down my face. Wot a nutter! Can't complaint, it was all me. Its ok, ya know why? cuz................... I AM ON LEAVE ON MONDEE AND TUESDEE! YAAAAY! case to point here, the key word is "on leave" not on holiday, a big difference, I tell ya why later. Gotta bit of TT with the chaps tonite as well, it never ends!

Anyhoo, I got a bit of blogging to do for the next few days, yep, got pixs and stuff to share around plus I'll rant abt that Pottie movie as well. Thanks guys for taking the time to comment on my blog, I truly appreciate it.

Have a nice weekend then. Cheers!