Ranting Like A Blogger Should

My collected comments on THAT person, xx in kiasuland :

  1. Well, I dropped by the other day, found one of her post generated 200 comments, wow. Very popular, I think she is a firebrand opportunist, a sorry excuse to draw flank, all for the sake of attention, what a cheap media whore. Using the handicap toilet eh, well, maybe her head or butt is so big, can’t fit in the normal cube, or her ego is so swollen, tak boleh masuk ler. Shut her up by shuting her off, nuff said. Cheers!

  2. I think she’ll serve society better by becoming a welcome mat to the handicap toilet, then she can stay in that BIGGGGG room aaallll daaayyyy, nice.

  3. What to say, some ppl have the brain capacity and logic of a toilet flush, all liquid nothing solid…handicap in the brain…where is the s’pore moral police when you need them, geez.

  4. I think there are barn animals that have more good sense than her, at least when the animals poop, they dun eat what they shit, while this xx in kiasuland eat them up by the pound. Ka-ching...Cheers!

  5. She’ll better serve the public by being a roll of toilet paper, since she like to dwell in shit and crap, well, how appropriate for her to wipe ppl’s ass all day loonnng, nice.

  6. Yes and no, yes I do detest some bloggers, present company exampted and no, I do not read their blog, just do a one-off survey then its so long sux-ers…thx for the fish buddy! Dun wanna read ppl I tak niam key, after get too worked up, release some virus on their blog ler. I’m a good boy, yes, I’m.

  7. I think she’ll better serve society by sucking chrome of a tailpipe of an express bus 24/7.

  8. oh...THAT person, THAT sorry excuse for the human being who is a pure blond bimbo and firebrand opportunist attention deprived media whore ultimate waste of oxygen good for nuthing shitbag jobless slut. WHY NOT GO GET A JOB AND STOP A-HOLE-ING AROUND YOUR BLOG!....can somebody firebomb and release some virus to shut down that good for nuthing bollocks of a blog.
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