Apple iPod sets sights on video

Apple has set its sights on conquering the world of portable video with the launch of a sound and vision version of its iconic iPod. It is looking to build on the success of its digital music player, having sold 28 million music-playing iPods since 2001. "Because millions of people around the world will buy this new iPod to play music, it will quickly become the most popular portable video player in history," said Apple boss Steve Jobs at the launch of the device. But the computer maker is coming late to the world of video on the go.

There are several media players available from Microsoft and its hardware partners, as well as gadgets from rivals Creative and Archos. And the Japanese electronic giant Sony recently entered the fray with its PlayStation Portable (PSP), which sports a large screen to play films on its UMD discs. "Sony has the design skills to match its devices and, the PSP, with its added gaming appeal, could rival Apple," said Salman Momen, technology analyst at Capgemini. (BBC News)

Gee, Apple have done it again, rolling off with another winner! or so it seems. Steve Jobs and co have pull a fast one to stay ahead of the competition curve. This time there is more fun power packed into this tiny square shaped white thingy. Whats the fuss abt, well, comes in a 30GB or 60GB, bigger storage but at a smaller, slimmer shell compare to the current 20GB model. Plus, yes, watch video..music videos, movies and TV serials. You can download from iTunes.com at USD1.99 each. Imagine, able to download Desperate Housewife on the next day after previous night's broadcast? ohh, the joy...hmm...how to work la, no produktiviti ler. All of this in a 2.5in 320x240 pixel apple screen, well it is either fun thing to do, or you'll go blind. The player supports QT 7.0 and Mpeg 4.0 videos formats.

Call it a fad if you will, since 2001, there is over 28 million iPod units sold, thats a marketing phenomenon, it can't be just a fad. This new thingy on videos give users an extra leverage and a scalable entertainment platform and keeping things fresh and generate a whole new market by sell music videos, movies and TV programs. Good thinking there Steve! Now, they just need to throw in a phone device and a camera, voila, you've got a iPod 3G phone that's worth drooling over. Come to think of it, you can do the same on the SE 750i, by a smaller 2GB storage without 3G at RM1,900-ish compare to iPod at RM1,746-ish. Decisions, decisions.....Cheers!