Oi, Can cook or not ah!

Saturday, there we are over the weekend, its dinner time, mana makan?, ES and I was wundering. Always the same few places, sooo boring la. We brillantly tot, why not goto the Curve la, lama tak pergi lo, sudah half a year since last. Found ourselves at the open air food area, did the slow tour around the place commenting the restaurant setting, ambiance, food offerings, prices, patrons and the odd censored jokes. Ended up in this place called Ton Chan, what appears to be a Japanese food place, so we tot.

This joint serves non-halal food... yes they have pork! So, feeling very excited and surprise...try la. Found out from the menu, they have lots of ramen dishs but very limit or non-existence on sushi stuff. Feeling very strange... still end up ordering, myself...took the impressively named No1 Bento, while ES took the Tsuke Ramen with a side of gyoza.

We observed that place looks kinda like kindergarden la, why? They have low tables and chairs which a kindergarden would have and the menu is a lil booklet with big colour pictures like a picture book for kids. Also, ES said that the menu lack in description of what the dishs consists off, compare to the other Japanese place. I concluded that the place is like a jap version of Kim Gary... serving quick and no brainer food... lots of ramen stuff.

Then the food arrives...... OMGWTF! I've seen better ler, my impressive No1 Bento looks like No 10 Bento, why? The dish looks... well.. sparse, there is enough room that I can park a pink elephant in there. Its certainly not the value you paid for.... what they have is a simple cabbage salad, two pieces of fried veggie, two pieces of fried prawns, two small pieces of honeymelon, three pieces of fried nugget shape pork and three pieces of sashimi, some rice and soup. Thats it, you're paying RM25! Compare to Sushi Kings' Kodomo Bento, much more good stuff then this for less than RM 15! A big difference there, a rip-off ler.

ES got a raw deal as well, the so called ramen is serve dried style but they did not rinse the noodle properly, leaving a funny taste, ES can't even finish the food. That pathetic ramen costs RM15, another rip-off. Gyoza is a no-brainer, anything pan grilled should not have a problem. So, altogether, the dinner costs us RM55, with nuthing much to show for... we are far from satisfied. Ton Chan is henceforth blacklisted from our books!

The grumbling ES decided to hop over to Kim Gary for recovery after that horror. ES ordered the famous french toast (crazy about them) with coffee and I decided to get the curiously named Supreme Pork Chop Curry with Swiss Cheese.... you can switch the rice with spaghetti. ES grumbled that the french toast was not up to par compare to Kim Gary in Avenue K.... so, not all toasts are created equal. As for my supreme dish....a surprise, a very delicious fusion dish. Nice, the curry have that added local punch, hot! Totally satisfied.... yummy! There is another japanese joint downstairs.... thats for future project, certainly we'll be back to this area for more. Cheers!