I feel the need, the need for SPEED!

Yessss, Gua ada streamX! After a loooong period (like three years) of research and consideration to build up reasons to have high speed internet, decided to sign up yesterday, along with ES. It's the TMnet 1 Mps RM88 w/ modem deal, you gotta pay RM75 for activation and need to spend another RM19-RM49 for a LAN card. Install the stuff myself to save money ler. So, now can blog more, bwhahahahahaha! I have more multimedia projects in the pipes, this will be a cool year end!

Also visited the Sony Exhibition....tried out all the cams and cameras there, some are impressive and all are compact. Sign-up for a race competition there, totally crash along the way, was not used to the wheel type and paddle controls...wonder how come can drive so well on real roads.

Tested the PSP, was impressed, very light, cute and sleek. Played a football game, the movement was fluid, smooth...nice, strong graphics. Too bad, very expensive, its around RM2000. Tested the lastest MP3 player, there is a cute cigar shape one, small and very practical and the sound is not bad either, temped to get one soon!

I was very impress with the SonyEricsson 750i, the camera was great, very powerful, high resolution at 2.0 megapixel plus 3x optical zoom that really works. It is also a good walkman too, good sounds plus you can pump up the SD card to 2GB! hmmm...kinda expensive at RM1900-ish.

Had a nice light lunch at the KLCC Convention Center foodcourt. Consist of tosai masala....with ice lemon tea and follow up by a walk...good exercise....to the Crowne Plaza monorail to hop over to Low Yat, had park there earlier for our streamX thingy. Cheers!
(Image from Sony.com.my)