A truly 'rotten' school: Teacher falls to his death as floor gives way

Alina Simon

ALOR STAR, KEDAH, Sun. Teacher Chan Boon Heng was looking forward to celebrating his 43rd birthday tomorrow. He was also excited about his appointment as the team leader of examiners for UPSR. A freak accident at the school this morning, however, left him seriously injured and the teacher of SRJK (C) Keat Hwa (K) in Jalan Seberang Perak, died of internal injuries at a private hospital at 11.10am.

The 72kg father of two was at the school’s office located on the first floor at 7.30am when the rotting wooden floor suddenly gave way, and he plunged five metres to the hall’s hard cement floor. It is believed the floor of the school’s administration office is infested with termites. (NST)

Smart schools? Please Mr. PM fix our schools instead before more preventable tragic accidents happen. Let's keep this in prespective, are our public schools short on budget to upgrade, repairing and carryout safety inspections?