Toyota Fortuner: a SUV it ain't

IMV, Toyota's new initiative to decentralize its A-Z design to production control to cater a more regional market. In other words, another way to cut costs. It is exactly what you'll get from the Fortuner. Wholly disappointing, from the engine, the chassis, the built and features at the price we are paying.

The IMV platform tries to cater for three distinctively different people-cargo carrier market segment. It performs brillantly for the Hilux but poor for the other two. The Innova while is a big MPV, is basically a truck with a MPV-like body shell. Very rought feel overall but what you get is a big van at a reasonable price.

The Fortuner is different, is billed as a SUV, giving you a picture of lush fittings, feature pack, uptodate motoring technology and handles like a car. Nope, not this one, this is a truck at heart and it shows. Again, rough and rugged, suitable for going into the rural jungle not the urban jungle. It has an anicent duel stick, one for the auto box and another the 4WD controls.

Fitting and features is there, just ok, not totally satisfactory, not for the price you are paying at RM160K to RM 180K. You don't feel that you getting what you are paying for in a SUV not a truck. Another note, alot of people do not check on the tires and how much they costs. In the Fortuner like the Grand Vitara, the rubber will set you back RM400 per piece.

Its rather expensive for a CKD local assembled "SUV" which is not, not one bit. For that price, I'll rather get the CBU Rav4. Btw, the Rav will be replaced next year. So, it is better off you keep the money, or get yourself a Grand Vitara, at least you do not have to pay a 2.7L roadtax and extra fuel consumption. Toyota have fumbled on this one, could do better.

(Image from Motor Trader)