New Orleans descends into anarchy

With reports of looting, shootings, carjackings and rapes. The local police force is ordered to focus its efforts on tackling lawlessness. Buses and helicopters begin to take the most vulnerable out of the Superdome stadium - some will go to the Louisiana state capital, Baton Rouge, others to the Astrodome stadium in Houston, Texas.

Shots reportedly fired at a helicopter airlifting people from the stadium slow down the evacuation process. Anger mounts over the delay in getting aid to people in New Orleans and what is seen as an inadequate response from the federal government. (BBC News)

It's really scary what mother nature can do effortlessly reducing a city to rubbles. Turning an American city to a mini Iraq in a matter of just a few hours. The extent of damage and lost in live is astronomical, no one predicted this. However, was Americans so unprepared until rescue and relief effort was that slow to react? This is the US of A not Afganistan, why and what happen?