MSG 4: Guns of the Patriots - Official trailer out!

Brand new trailer out, unveil by Konami at the Tokyo Games Show, check out the trailer at konami.jp Cool! This is another reason to get a playstation other than the awesome GranTurismo series. As you can see, the good old Snake have become, well....old. It's gonna be tough on the fella.

Anyhoo, the environment is freeform, in other words...no where to hide. There is somekind of bi-pedal mecha...a mini metal gear(?), Octagon is back in a form of a remote mini robot-thing. Somekind of "solid-eye" system that Snake wears like an eye patch, giving him an overview of the battlefield.

The field is really battle worn like like Kosovo with desert element, imagine Somalia like Black Hawk Down. It needs to be seen if Cell can match the trailer movie quality during in-game sequence. It will be real exciting to see if P3 is crack out as it seems to be.
(Image from Konami.jp)