A1 GP on track in anger this weekend

September 19, 2005

A1 Grand Prix single-seaters will be on a track in anger for the first time on Friday to practice and shake down for the first race in the series at Brands Hatch in England on Sunday – with a total of $1-million in the prize pot.

The winning team will take home the equivalent of nearly R2-million. The 12-race series, with the equivalent of nearly R80-million in prize money, will be contested by identical cars from 25 countries - including South Africa - in 12 countries representing about 80 percent of the world's population. (Motoring.co.za)

Wot a great weekend coming up with two grand prix races. Will A1 be more exciting without the brand name team and drivers? Well, they have got 12 races to show their stuff, so Max, wot you've got to say about this? It looks to be like the grand prix of old, even playing field, not much tech, a big bundle of money to earn at the end and all of this makes an exciting race to watch. This could be what we are looking for. F1 have been a little too much prima donna-ish of late, so Max and Bernie, watch out buddy! Some race facts about A1:

  • Lola built the cars and each has a 3.4-litre, aluminium V8 engine.
  • Race weekends will have two official practice sessions on the Friday & Saturday.
  • Four 15-minute qualifying sessions during which each car must complete a flying lap.
  • A rolling-start, 30-minute sprint race followed by a grid-start.
  • One-hour feature race with a mandatory pit stop.
  • Points will be scored on a scale of 10 down to one for the top 10 places in both races.
  • The team with the fastest lap in each race will get a bonus point.
  • Prize money per race weekend will total $1-million.
  • Winning team taking home $300 000, second $200 000 and third $150 000..
  • The overall winner of the 12-race World Cup of Motorsport will win $1-million.
(Facts and figures from Motoring.co.za, image from a1gp.com)