Civic and the Lazy Minded

I was enjoying a bit of IKEA lunch the other day. I think for the most of us who stayed in Klang Valley would have the opportunity to sample this Swedish fare in a nice comfortable cafe at the store. As you can see below the crowd on a weekday, don't know why but people are attracted to this place. Is it fashionable to be eating here? Or is there good food? Or is the price reasonable? I think it is all of the elements above.

Amongst all of this fashion and good food, I think there are other issues I have observed that is a norm in society here in this country. We are all basically lazy, yep, plain lazy and expects service all the time, even when there is none to be had. Observe the picture below........

A group of execs just left this table and they did not bother to clean up. I think they did not read the fine print that patrons are suppose to remove the plates and rubbish to the trolley shelves provided in the cafe. Like I say, lazy, people in suits educated in making money BUT not very educate in civility or reading fine prints. Tossers.

The lady in the picture was sweeping the floors not clearing the table mind you. Less that five minutes, there was these two guys who came and "book" the place and they just sat there not doing any clearing up. I think that if you want to use the table, PLEASE move your asses and God given hands and CLEAR the table, is it sooo hard? Perhaps it is humiliating to clean up after someone else's mess? Is the case of not my mess, not my problem. But then you DO want to use the table right? Wankers.

After a while, the two donkeys above was join by another donkey and they just sat around the table and looking around as if expecting a cleaning lady to move the stuff, well TOUGH luck boys. Double wankers!

So at this point, I had finish my meal and move on to clearing up. Before this, my table was a mess with plates as well. I had to move them a side to a tray. Of course, I move both trays to the trolley shelves. Before I left, I had already guess that the donkeys at the next table will waltz over to mine and of course they did. (Should I collect a service charged from them?)

I was wondering if I should have mentioned to them that they shouldn't expect any cleaning lady and they should move the plates over if they want to use the place. Will I get a "mind your own business" look? BUT like the rest of the people, we just tolerate and move on and grumble inside? Sometimes silent means consent. I'm not a social activist but I should have pointed out to them the right way. Well, God bless them for beings donkeys. Cheers!