Grace Moving Mountains

Hello! Today is a special day for me, awaaaaaaay back in 1974, as the world busies itself, at around 7am-ish somewhere in KL Hospital a child is born unto us and his name is..... JOE! yes dear friends today is my birthday! wahhhh, in a blink of an eye and I'm 33! a big double 3, good luck chinese number heh.

Do you know that Joe is short for Joseph? Joe is also the name given by the Soviets for their first nuclear weapon, no doubt name after Joseph Stalin, not a good association :( Other uses of Joe include a cup of joe slang for a cup of coffee, which is my favorite drink, after tea.

More importantly, Joe or Joseph is a given name originating from Hebrew, recorded as Yosef. The name can be translated from Hebrew as signifying "The Lord will increase/add". In the Old Testament, Joseph is Jacob's eleventh son and Rachel's first. In the New Testament, Joseph is the husband of the virgin Mary and the paternal father of Jesus.

So what being 33 like? How does one feel? Off hand I think there isn't much difference but that is not the absolute answer. We tend to look back in the year and often ask ourselves what have we done to leave a mark or are we satisfy with our life thus far. Many will say no not really, I need to do this or that or some will think I'm ok but there is still something lacking.

The course of last one year have been very traumatic least to say. My career was a yo-yo from the left to right and my life is not all that well, not very satisfactory nor peaceful, in one word, rather depress. Looking back I think that I've not taken action to correct my life and never really seek His counseling to answers. But in anticipating my down turn, He had send me an angel of mercy in the form of Phoenix.

It is true that she had bring a certain sense of stability, as if the Lord says, "Look, do not be sad but be joyful for I have sent someone to care for you, someone who understands and support you in this time of need" She is to me a form of God's grace and compassion for my plight and my lack of strength to turn aside to take action.

The second half of last year have been a flood of change in my life, work and finances! Her influence to me was great, great enough to open my eyes and stand up to sort out my disjointed life and a great turn around was made. It was made with great pains and uncertainty but somehow in my heart there was peace, knowing that He is there looking over my shoulder.

I think in life, we faces many problems and changes but remember that all we need to do is to have faith in Him and seek His will. Leave your troubles and life in His hands, who else can understand you if not your maker, your creator? He loves us very much and will not forsake us if we answers to Him and willing to change from the heart.

As I'm writing here today, I do wish and sincerely want to extend this blessing to others in my family, my loved ones and there are many hills to climb ahead of me. I think that the change is going on strong and by me keeping Him at the center of my heart and her in my mind, I can move my own mountains. Praise be to God for His mercy and patiences. Cheers!