Stamp Duty Suumoli

haha, manage to get a cheaper quote at hand. It seems that I do not have to pay the Reg MOT of RM500 up front, that is for later when the strata title is hand over plus this second party discounted RM100 on other areas, that means I do not have to pay RM600, saving initial costs :) Hurrah!

Buying a place is indeed scary and it gets scarier when it comes to paperwork. I did not expect that it will amount up to a mountain of fees! Here's the breakdown......

  1. S&P Fees RM 2,375.00
  2. Stamping S&P Agreement RM 40.00
  3. Stamping MOT RM 10.00
  4. Full Stamp Duty MOT RM 4,500.00 @#@*^%^$#!!!!!
  5. Registration MOT RM 500.00
  6. Land Search RM 60.00
  7. Misc RM 100.00
  8. Transport RM 150.00
  9. 5% Service Tax RM 118.75
Grand Total RM 7,853.75 &^$#@XXX*$%$^#:( :P :O #@$!!

I'm telling ya, someone is making a killing in this business by just pushing paper. I don't really understand why paper work can be sooo expensive? Just to make things legit we have to pay thru our nose. This is one expensive stamp! Anyhoo, its all part of the practice anyway and the problem is that I'm buying second hand, it will be much better if it is first hand from developer. I do wish that these paperwork fees don't costs a bomb. So kids outhere do save up some money to pay for your stamp duties or like wise just build a treehouse :) Cheers!