Travels, MIA, more travels and SMSes

Hey ppl, long time no post heh. Its been a really busy busy month of March and April for me. Guess my old blog its been a little dusty. I see that there is some of you hanging around, love you guys to bits! Hey, I'm here and alive, not been kidnaped, disappear in to the jungle, crash on a mountain or lost in some island.... wish the last one was true, if you know what I mean, hehehe. Anyhoo, whats up with Joe here?

Well, at the begining of March, I was assigned to China for a week, as you all know, then the following week I was in East Malaysia, Tawau to be exact, I must say I hafta go back especially to Simpadan Island, there is a beautiful resort called Malbu Resort, got those lovely houses on the clear green waters.... takes my breath away. Tawau was ok, nothing to shout about but the food is great and cheap to boot.

Then the following two weeks, I was in Hong Kong, for compliance test exercise, nope, no idea what that was but did it anyways with flying colours! I spend lots of time walking in tat city, real nice but kinda crowded. You know, every single space in HK is used? even the back alleys have got ppl selling stuff. Eating is kinda expensive, for instants, food court prices ranges from RM20 to RM30 for a simple meal, imagine if is in a restaurant. I usually buy back bento style dinners, cooked and piping hot for just RM6.00 to RM8.00 per pack, that beats eating cup noodles, hehehe.

All in all I discovered much in this city, more than what I have done before. More importantly, I have discovered something else, my nights there has been.... quiet, so, for the fun of it, I decided to play sms with Phoenix. She is the girl I was seeing before, just briefly, very briefly. We got hooked up after my Tawau trip for a short date and before that, a group date sometime a month back. Somehow, all that 100s of sms on the two weeks changed our relationship level and to cut the story short, we were steady after HK..... and we still are.... really really steady... more and than some.

I give Turbo T credit for intro Phoenix to me but I wasn't paying much attention then but some how I decided to make something out of it and looking back now, I believe it is faith, some of you might believe in luck, or love at first sight but I take this as faith. I can't say in detail but I can assure you that it is faith that leads my decisions, action and timing as well and the same goes for her. We seem to have a certain common frequency if you believe that, just blows my mind, so if that is not faith, I don't know what is that. Of course, faith will need you to talk to the person, afterall, these things are not remote control or drop on your lap ready to go.

I think that communication is very important, in all aspects of your life, if you dont talk, ppl might assume that you are stuck up or a dummy. No matter what, you hafta try to communicate and sometimes it is not necessary at a high level. Another thing, you need to be brave when it comes to relationships, brave to make a decision, brave to take a lead and most of all, brave to ask those difficult questions that may backfire on your face or make your relationship stronger. I will not say that it is prefect but I will say that it is something worth fighting for and it is something that I've been look for all of my life.

So, Phoenix, if ya reading this, do drop a line on what you think, hope you did not think I wrote too much, heh. See you then. Cheers!

PS. oh, currently in China again on assignment for the week! well, life is tough, whats new then.