Hello! I've not been the best of in blogging since after CNY, I have to say the workload is far beyond what I had imagine earlier. Have been really busy preping up for the year's program and schedule to make our target for 2006.

Furthermore, I will be in overseas very soon, for a short while, that means even less time to post, it is not good in my blog life. Well you can't have the greenbacks if you don't put your backs to it, right? Gotta be brave to jump into that big dark hole too.

Hope I lived to tell the road tales and as before, I shall sneak in a quick post when I'm overseas, hehehe, blogging in a foreign place seems to be very exciting. Yeah, I'm off to China btw. Have a great week and hang tough guys.

PS. Oh yeah, got another dream, this time I was in this multi level building on the side of a high mountain in the tropics. It is an unfinished place, no windows or doors. There was a group of us in the place moving here and there.

Then I found myself in a room with a group, listening to something, then I hook up with a girl. She was very familiar, we have meet in real life BUT I can't put a name on it. We went out of the room and found ourselves a quiet place, We talked, don't remember what it was then we decided to kiss.... french kiss.

I must say it was not the best of kisses of the french kind, kinda weird but we did it for looongg while, just hugging and french kissing then I woke up. No, I don't think it was a wet dream, cuz it was not one. This is just another weird willy dream again, maybe gotta stay off the sauce. Cheers!