Sink or Swim?

It is mid month of January, thats half month pass into 2006 and I tell ya, its TOUGH! Why? Before this, my role was a zoo tamer and a gorilla fighter, basically my previous project was to keep things stable. It's what we call fire fighting, day in, day out and fires do start in the forest almost everyday, sometimes every other hour! All I had to do was to keep my wits about me and I'm pretty safe and my job is done. Not any more.

Since my promotion and my shift to HQ KL, my new role is far, far different than before. Being a zoo taming manager and a HQ project manager is two every distinct job roles. In KL, I get to report to a director, while having this wonderful access does cut out almost all red tape BUT you have to work extra hard to figure out lots and lots of things for yourself. Tough is but an understatement here in KL-land.

For instances my new project, I have to take care of three clients where their business needs and background is totally opposite from each other. I have to understand what thay want and at times, it is not all that clear as written text, you have to read between the lines. How do you do that? Go figure. As for my new project, I have to virtually create the structure and programs from ground up, that means very little reference, my director does help out but very limited, he wants me to learn and his charging hours eat up more of my project time than a gas guzzer tractor, can't do that too often.

All in all, I think I do have the faith of my superiors but at times I'm at my wits end, how do you go 110% or 130% when you have maxed out? I can say that the learning curve is steep, like a jet plane going for a vertical climb, I wonder if I will run out of oxygen and passed out or able to reach the stratosphere and see space. I was expecting tough but it ain't but a word till ya start to swim in that murky pond. Cheers!