A Pandemic Meme

Hello and good evening, I would like to present you with a meme. Yes, it is a pandemic meme virus going around and you have no where to hide. I was tagged early on by Selba, the redish lass from Jakarta. Then I was, in a blink of an eye, tagged by the lightning fast Angelblaze on the same meme. I think it would have been a rather marvelous meme if it was me in a hot jacuzzi with these two lovely ladies, but since I'm just day dreaming, I shall enjoy my time by posting this fun meme instead.

4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life..... so far:

Let's see, my first real job was in Canada, where I worked as a grill man for Wendy's. It was a very interesting time for me and I was an upstanding grill person. My credentials include; Employee of the Month, Grill Person of the Year and winning the Super Crew award, it's a rush hour contest as one team competes with another. I can multi cook 200-400 patties of meat during rush hour while taking care of the grill chicken cooker and the frier too.

Later, I was a warehouse supervisor for Carrefour Subang on night shift. Let me tell you, if you wanna lose weight fast, go get a labour intensive job, in a month's time, you will lose kilos! AND get paid for it. Brilliant.

After uni, I was working as an internal auditor. It was "fun" and you get to learn a bunch in a short time. Mind, it is a very brain intensive job and to succeed, you have got lots of thinking to do. BUT it was worth it and I would not do any other job.

Finally, a zoo taming manager. I need not say more other than the fact, local companies can be a joke and people can be lazy and mad.

4 Movies I Could Watch Over And Over:

1. The English Man Who When Up The Hill and Came Down A Mountain, yes it is a monthful but you must admit, it was lovely with all those warm english weather in a welsh village and some romance in it. Wonderful.
2. Das Boot, a classic movie about a german u-boat crew in WWII.
3. Bourne Identity series, it is action packed but with purpose not mindless hollywood bits and it is in europe, smashing.
4. Seven Samurai, my absolute favourite Akira Kurosawa work and a damn brilliant samurai movie ever!

4 TV Shows I Love to Watch:

1. Any wildlife program by Sir David Attenborough
2. Megastructures from Nat Geo Channel
3. Top Gear from BBC Two
4. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and A Cook's Tour

4 Places I’ve Lived:

1. Paramount Garden, M'sia
2. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
3. Leeds, UK
4. Subang Jaya, M'sia

4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation :

1. Hawaii
2. Montreal
3. Canadian Rockies
4. London & Paris

4 Places I Would Rather Be :

1. Bora-bora, in a hot jacuzzi
2. Maldives, in a hot jacuzzi
3. Penang, in a feast of foods
4. Having a nice cuppa with YOU! ;)

4 of My Favorite Foods:

1. Any where that serves good sushi
2. Any where that serves good coffee shop food
3. A brilliant satay joint
4. Raiding the fridge at 3am

4 Websites I Visit Daily:

Tracking 120 blogs a month, nuff said!

I shall, in my saving grace not tag any souls, I think there's been enough tagging anyways. Another wonderful meme, I must say. Cheers!