A Fishy Lunch

Stopped by here for lunch over a weekend. This is Raku Zen, a boring looking wooden shop front is one the best places to have sushi. It is located over in Subang, across the SJMC traffic light junction. A nice quiet place for a bite of sushi.

They have one of the best hand roll soft shell crab temaki, and it costs only RM8. What you get is the really crispy and warm crab inside, it very filling too. They also serve up the delicious dragon boat on the right with chunky deep fried prawn on the inside.

Of course, what self respecting sushi joint be without some raw fish, these are really tasty and fresh, and mind the wasabi, it is deadly, just a little is enough. There is a big difference between the typical sushi restaurant and you can taste it, even it was better than Kogetsu over at Hyatt Saujana which was more expensive then Rakuzen.

At in all it was very satisfying meal for the price you are paying. I don't mind paying a premium as long as there is quality in them. Bun Bun mentioned that his japanese co-workers also come by to eat and he have taken japanese clients here too. You can't go wrong when you get japanese eating here and they are picky about their food. Cheers!

(Taken with SE 700i)