Lazy Busy Sunday

One of my lazy sunday activities is to stop at McD in the afternoon for a bite. I think it is a little better than the Coffee Beans and such cuz I get to buy all that for a little over RM11.00 compare to the coffee house where I can't even get a grub for the same price.

I prefered after the rush hour traffic to enjoy my peaceful Sunday magazine reads, heh, better than bookstore lei. I've been noticing of my many visits, there are people who comes here for meetings and work, like this poor girl below. There are times when students comes here to study. I wonder if you can actually get anything done with all that noise, kids running around, food smell all over and strange guys in monster suits walking around?

Oh well, guess some people are not soo easily distracted. Btw, I think I've found the blog title enable feature, why didn't I notice it? beats me, man. Also, all the pix above is taken with my SE 700i, yep, finally started using my cam phone. Earlier, I was under the assumtion that the cam phone pix quality is poor. Boy was I wrong, not too bad, these here was set at fine mode~640x480~night enable. I think it was brilliant.

There is an extended mode for pix size, but the result is a little blur, so the above is the best setting. I notice that it has natural lighting, love that. Guess now I don't have to bring along them Nikons, on the down side, the 700i do make noise when taking pix, gotta be careful and can't take multiple shots. Well, can't complain, it is still doable and marvelously compact, sweet! Lucky, lucky me!

(SE700i soo rocks)