Hump Day ~ Triple Plays Triple Reviews

It's review time, I had watched three movies over last couple of weeks. I think movies nowadays just don't cut the cheese anymore. Problem is that we know all the possible plotlines, endings and special effects there is. It takes much more to satisfy the average movie goers. One thing that I find helpful is to avoid knowing anything about the movie, try to surprise yourself which is what I did for these three. Are they pop corn gripping or cold wet fish?

First off is Aeonflux, right away it tells you sci-fi matrix-ish kinda genre. Helm by the oscar winning Charlize Theron (CT). A rampaging virus has forced the remnants of humanity into the seclusion of a final city. There is great political conflict within, this is the story of an acrobatic assassin, Aeon Flux, whose latest target is the government's top leader. Excited? Nah and here is why they bombed.

Plausible setting, in any movie, the setting and background is important, it helps to drive the movie to the viewers. Here, its set in a ultra futuristic enclave not city, lots of wideangle CG shots but the enviroment up close resemble some TV ad for some cosmetic stuff or fashion promo. Some good examples of plusible setting is Star Wars - New Hope, Bladerunner and I-Robot. Aeon designers just tried way too hard or they just didn't in the first place?

Technology yoyo, you get to see lots of cutting edge techno ying yang, again, very impressive but for the life of me, why, when CT penetrate the enemy facility she have to knock out every single guard on her way in? Can't they just come up with an invisible suit and sneak in, that will create much more tension. Predators have them, dang, even Harry Potter have an invisible blanky. Oh yeah, people walk... alot in the 25th Century. Figures!

Plotline assassination, without a good plotline, the whole movie will just be a powerpoint presentation. For action sequences, they rip-off examples from John Woo movies and Mission Impossible. Importantly, you don't feel the urgency that there is a rampaging virus coming to get them. What you feel was frustration that people are plain paranoid, stupid and naive or like a couple arguing over domestic issues. The plotline is lame, the virus is not a virus but impotency which was sorted out by mothernature at the end, why did they keep it a secret, duh!

Simple movie about a boy with a gamebroad and adventures ensure. I was gald that I didn't read anything about it. I know is gonna be a jumaji-ish type of movie but I was curious as to how they are going to keep it interesting and for that, they did so brilliantly.

Good buildup, a great drawn in as you understood why there is tension between Danny and his older brother Walter plus older sis as well. Mind that these are unknown actors taking lead and main support roles in the movie. Tim Robbins was just a sideshow.

SFX balanced, they use CGI as a balance and not a showcase. The end result was that both reality and fantasy is nicely blend into the storyline to drive home the point, which is wonderful enterainment.

Rocket storyline, the movie gets you to think about as a kid and the fantasy adventure you have during playtime, there is believeable tension when the cards poped out, utter amazement when the robot appears, there is humor when Danny sneak into the spaceship and couple with a moral lesson in the end, totally heart warming, great for any parent and their kids. You felt that the movie was kinda short and wish for more that because is was wonderful to watch. You really wish to push that button one more time......

The fourth chapter of Pottie Boy in Magic High, the verdict, I've seen better days, could have been soo much but no cigar there. Here are the potty parts.

Lord Voldemort once again hatch a cunning plan to draw in Harry in his lordy evil mission to kill the boy wonder in the form of a tournament called the Tri Wizard Championship.

Yep there is it, the shortest short story in the history of short short stories if they ever where. There is the weakest link. I've always said that if you can write out the story in one complete sentence it is not worth watching. First of all, Potty will win AND survive said evil plan, a set trap will only work if there is no continual story after that, not if there is a series here. No wonder the author have opt to kill a character on the next following chapters. There is weak plotlines, unintelligent dialogues, feeable villians, and poor character growth.

Why do you need to have a competition to get Harry? Is there a better way to kill him? Lord Volde-incompetent can't even get that right, stupid villian who likes the sound of his own voice. I can think of 20 ways to kill Harry.

Why show all that quidditch world cup stuff? It didn't help the plot to progress, a SFX showcase that is all. A waste of time.

Why is Ron soo petty, that is wrong, where is the friendship builded last three seasons? Not believeable, I'm also quite tired with the Ron vs Hermione is getting a bit passe. There is no character growth overall. Is it me or is Harry been forrest gumping his way all this while? He is pathetic, where is the anger and stength that will drive him to the darkside? Stop whinning Harry and start becoming a kick a$$ magician.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the first two potter movies, that was by far the best of the series but after that its all going downhill, you felt the last two had a rush treatment and cutting off soo much of the meat you are left with a boney pottie. The boy with the gamebroad was far better than the boy with the stick or the girl with the flexible limbs. Cheers!