Hump Day ~ MJS the Series

Hey hey! If hump day gets to you and you're feeling mighty bored, try DFilms, what's that? you say. It's a nifty site where you can make your very own movie! It's easy, it's smashing and it's a riot! Thanks to YvY for the word, head out to her site to watch her movie too!

Yep, made my very own movie series as well, here it is for your viewing pleasure! Cheers!

#1 MJS The Prologue, who is MJS? what is a MJS? Is that a discount sale?
#2 MJS : WMD Inc (Warning! Politically incorrect script used!)
#3 MJS : Day of Stinker (Warning! Religiously incorrect script used!)
#4 MJS : Quickie Waxkie (Warning! Gender incorrect script used!)
#5 MJS : The End? (Warning! Suggestive language used!)