Boxing Day Footie Lowdown

Yessir, it's the boxing day football extravaganza, 10 games played in the EPL today. Lots of footie, lots of action and downright entertaining. Boxing day also marks the EPL half season yardstick gauge on how the teams will fair at the end of the season.

Jose and his minions are at the top, hardly a surprise. I really think the blues will stay up there because their gap on ManU is simply way too big and Chelsea is still going strong. It will take a hugh fumble to get jose shitting in his special pants. ManU on second place may not be too comfortable if they don't win consistently because the reds is picking up steam and momentum.

Hotspur may be an issue to Benitez, just a little but I don't see that they'll take second or third placing, a fourth is proper and a job well done. Bolton, Wigan and Man City in 5th, 6th and 7th respectively will see some changes, some shuffle at the rankings but they will not really progress beyond these placings. Yaay to Wigan, they are indeed this season's surprise rookie team, here's hoping that they'll get to stay for a few more seasons.

Rounding up at 8th is the Gunners, Wenger is loosing points faster than his gray hair, I'll say. After half season and 20 points adrift? They are indeed a spend force. May attempt to bring in new players in the mid season transfer window, but who? They really need a midfielder but can they find one? Wenger just can't depend on Henry for everything, that is dangerous and impractical. Maybe a 5th place finishing if they can start winning.

Charlton 0 ~ Arsenal 1
An expected scoreline for the gunners on paper but watching them, Wenger's squad is far less convincing. Going up against superior teams, Arsenal just might lose. The gunners actually missed a number of chances including one of those point blank one on one situations. However, a wins a win and old froghead take comfort that his world is not sinking until the next game that is. Good show by Charlton, they deserve at least a draw.

[Gossip] Arsenal are poised to make a January swoop for former Leeds midfielder Olivier Dacourt, who is now at Roma, to plug the gap left by Patrick Vieira's departure.

Chelsea 3 ~ Fulham 2
Another really boring game brought to you by jose the special one and his lackeys. I was under the impression that Fulham is roadkill at stamford bridge, I stand corrected. Here is a very important bit, blues took the lead by 2 then Fulham take the game back by scoring 2. What does that tell you? Chelsea invincibility is a myth. If the opposition can press them hard enough, blues will buckle and we are only talking Fulham here.

Note, a couple of bad calls by the ref have cost Fulham a draw at the end of the day. Once again, jose won by mere luck, what a shameful way to win, where is the talent? I think jose's pants may have been a little damp and smelly there. The special one may take the EPL title but by jove, they will not take the League nor the FA nor the Champions League title. Can't wait for moorhinho to brown-ed his pants. Bravo to Fulham, a good job, sorry lads.

Liverpool 2 ~ Newcastle 0
A win with confidence, all the makings of Benitez's track to silverwear glory. Too bad owen is playing on the wrong side this time. The reds continual on-form will get them real far, do they dare to dream a double? perhaps, only time will tell.

ManU 3 ~ West Brom 0
Fergie's on form team is a good sign on their road to recovery but there is much work to do. The front runners are good but they still lack the necessary smooth coordination and finishing moves. Without proper midfield and wing support, Rooney, Nistelrooy and Scholes can only do so much. Players like Christiano, Park and Smith are taking these critical roles but will need time to mature in coodination, passes and on-field influence. For this game, the devils have shown that they are working really hard, hope this will continue. ManU in this form will have at least one silverwear this season.