Why F1 2006 is exciting again!

  1. Nico Rosberg in for Williams, yessir, the son of former F1 champ Keke Rosberg the original flying finn, will be driving for Frank in 2006. Nico have shown much potential in the build up to the F1 test. Time will only tell if he is as good as old Keke.

  2. FIA reintroduce tyre change, i bck this one, after the 2005 tomfoolery for causing Kimi the championship as well as the US GP fiasco, this is a much needed correction. Afterall why trade driver safety over cost reduction. Also the introduction of the knock out round for qualifying will add more drama, this will be great viewing.

  3. Squadra Toro Rosso, the new name for the former Minardi team brought over by Redbull earlier this month. A very agressive move by the drinks giant for F1 glory. This no doubt changes the F1 landscape significantly. Can F1 success be achieve by mass presents on the track? Honda is also doing the same through Aguri Suzuki in the rumoured team Dome.

  4. Adrian Newey moves on, F1 top guru in aerodynamics moving to Red Bull, another signal by Dietrich Mateschitz on his serious bid to get things moving in a big way. No doubt, Newey will be a great bonus for the team but i think the results will only show perhaps in the second half of the 2006 season. This is serious damage to McLaren and Kimi for next year.

  5. Bigboys move in, the buy out of BAR by Honda as well as Sauber by BMW will add new dynamics to the F1 picture, this is truely a manufacturers war on the track. How will this improve the teams chances in the competition?

  6. New season, new engine, starting 2006, the V8 will be use, replacing the long and familiar V10. This means that all teams are starting from scratch, at a level playing field. So, expect a boat load of engine, gearbox and electronics related problems..... this will also change the existing fuel strategy gameplay. I personally think that Renault will not be able to retain their crown in 2006, my bet will on team Toyota. Cheers!