The Shaver That Teh Pwn?

Yesterday was in an elevator with two blokes, over heard this conversation:

Fuzyhair: so, what shaver u use ler?
Thinguy: er, gillette ler, why?
u know ah, over in China, shick is sold at the same price as gillette.
Thinguy: wot? how to sell ler, gillette is better than shick.
dunno la, maybe got enough market lei.
Thinguy: do u know there is a vibrating shaver on the market?
huh got ah? why need to vibrate?
Thinguy: accordingly, it gives a smoother shave.
sure anot, more like gonna get accident with all tat shakin.
Thinguy: i know, i think it is better than a mobile phone ler.
wot ya talking abt?
Thinguy: the vibration thingla, girls dun have to call themselves.
bugger u! like tat also can! kekeke, very multitasking...
Thinguy: somemore is the right size too, juz stick it in!
Fuzyhair: wah, yalor, very form fitting.... kekekeke.
Me: -_-"

Yes, it was a looong ride up, the lift was full of ppl. Go figure....is it true? read this:

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