Sakae Sushi.... no cigar there fella!

Stop by the Curve today for a bite of sushi with ES and WY. We wanted to try out Sakae Sushi, as we have observed that it is a very popular place for japanese dinning. One of the unique features that stands out is that each table have an LCD monitor for you to order from other than pacing them with the waiter. A nice and quick way to go abt it. The atmosphere is cozy but a lil ultra modern for a japanese restaurant, that's more of the individual tastes. That was as far as good points goes.

We found that the belt driven sushi lacks variety, compare to Sushi King and Genki Sushi, remember these two establishment is like McD of sushi. Despite placing the orders via the LCD terminal, they manage to mixed up our food... not much coordination at the floor. The rice on the sushi was very very loose, not a good standard quality you expect, it falls all over, again, Sushi King is better with quality consistency.

I'd ordered the premium bento set.... well the presentation was nice but the food falls short completely. The soba was ok, the tempura was ok... but too few pieces, like just four, of which three is veg and only one prawn. A slice of octupus, very thin, a crab-flavoured stick, very short. It comes with a piece of grill fish, a nice size but way too much salt in it, like eating salted fish! There was a few thin pieces of salmon mix with rice. For all of this and with the name like premium, you are paying RM40.00 for it. I felt totally unsatisfied, both as a consumer on value for money or money for quality as well as my rumbling stomach.

ES and WY ordered some fried rice, no problems there. I mean, you can't screw up a simple dish like fried rice. All in all we spend RM100 for din-din.... you know what, for the cold green tea, you'll be charged RM1.00 per refill! What an el cheapo joint! Its free refills at Sushi King or Genki Sushi even at a mid-range place like Kiku-Zakura.... i dun remember any of the japanese places charges per refill of cold green tea. I didn't taste any green tea either, its totally diluted. On the overall, Sakae Sushi is just not up to par to the standard of a respectable japanese restaurant... imagine that the joint can't stand up in comparison to places that I'v mentioned... that is pretty bad.

I think the reason, ppl go there cuz of the nice ultra modern setting, it is afterall very hip and uptodate.... unfortunately, my taste buds and stomach can't eat the ultra modern decor. If ppl go there thinking that it is good food, they 're wasting time and money... plus, they do not know what good sushi tastes like. For RM100, it just too expensive for sub par food standards, too expensive when your stomach is still half full and too expensive when you feel like you've been robbed. Sakae Sushi looks good on paper, splendid on decor but no cigar on food. Cheers!

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