Ice cube the trademark

I was doing an image search and typed in ice cube.... I was anticipating a page full of images of ice cubes.... well, I got a page full alrite, of this fella,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ICE CUBE da rapper, of the XXX fame.... not this,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ice cube the frozen H2O variety. So, for the next six pages there is pictures of ice cube da person. *sign* I was wondering if that name is such a trademark? I did a wikipedia on ice cube......

guess what...... ICE CUBE da rapper was there, in full rapper moviestar profile. You can read the A to Z of the ice dude. Only after a couple of tries, did I manage to find the definition of ice cube the H2O.

No, I'm not dissing Ice Cube the person, as the matter of fact I liked him.... his acting tat is. I wanted point out on how the media influence how we preceived things and can really shape our beliefs.

So, the next time if your kid asks you for ice cube or anything for that matter, think twice and be a lil curious to the nature of his requests. Oh yeah, Wikipedia rocks, totally! Cheers then!