East meets West.... It's Friday

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Yosh, another week another dollar. This here will be my third month as a blogger and I'v come across a diverse culture in all directions and lots of interesting bloggers. Some are unique, some are funny, some are easy going, some are fast n furious and some are down right funky.

This is by no means a form of review of any kind. What it is, is my appreciation for the time they have spend writing down a little something each day for all to share. Today, I wanna share some of these outstanding bloggers with people at both sides of this pond........

The East....

Belacan Times a family man, a funny man and part of the trio of the laubeh gang. He also have another site called Buaya 69 where his funnier side shows. (Laubeh = old guys, Buaya = crocodile)

Rojaks the middle funny guy of the laubeh trios, he kept those joke hits coming fast and hot. Never fails to entertain, mind that some of the jokes are local in orientation but from the following, you'll know that he is good. (Rojak = a local salad, fun food)

Willwolf the third of the laubeh gang, he is also the official site keeper of the Laubeh blog page. As you can see, they offer a uniquely funny side and uses the blog for effect too! Brilliant! (Note: all trios are potential 18SX rating, you've been warned, kekekeke)

5xmom or otherwise known as Lilian, the fastest blogger in town. She is a very observant person and takes blogging with ease. Mind that Lilian is not from the MTV generation. A delightful read at anytime of the day.

Loopymeals another family man and equally funny too, who punches in all the right buttons. Nice web page, very warm and sunny. You just can't go wrong with a loopy meal, can ya?

Helen aka My All, she is a frank, no-holes barreled blogger, no subject is taboo to her, she speaks like a blogger should. She's funny too and can get a little graphic in her expression but it is all for good fun and humour.

Fishtail a retired teacher who still teaches in the private sector. He does not frequent his blog as often, but when he does, it is very meaningful and at times very comedic. He shows that words on the page may not necessary be boring and dry. He had me rolling on the flood with his story of Kellie or a heart warming story about Nokie

Spicy she is big hello kitty fan, and that shows too. She has recently completed a multi kitty magnet collection. hehehe. She also have the unfortunate priveledge to have an office full of weird aunties and ppl who can't understand directions to meeting rooms. She is spicy and it shows!

Kuishinbo aka Fish Fish, a malaysian student residing in Japan. A fun and loving person, she gives a nice view of a student's life over there. I like her pictures of local japanese food!

Lrong Lim a malaysian academician residing in Japan. A happy go lucky bloke who has a sunny disposition. He is very environmental friendly too, he cycles to work.... not to mention very fit. His current project is to convert his backyard forest to a lovely garden of vegs and fish pond. Yes, there is a forest behind his house.

The West....

Kunstemæcker what can I say, he tickles the funny bones without knowing that he is doing it, the bloke craks me up everytime. You can see it in his posts, never fails. He resides somewhere in Koksijde, Belgium.

Michele blogger from the states, a popular site for blog games.... and she is good. It's all very simple and the main purpose is to get to know your fellow bloggers. Nice!

Barbara aka Trying to Catch Up, she is one of the earlier blogger I'v encounter. A warm and delightful person who lives and work in New York.

Simple American the big bloke from Texas. He is a scout expert and knows a thing or two about fengsui.

D'Blog aka Dabido from Perth, Aust. He is never lost for words and is an expert in lots of subjects and he shows them with confidence. He is a writer at heart and all round nice chap.

Caracola she's from Spain, a happy, happy blogger. She is very expressive with her words and emotions but be forwarned, she blogs in spanish.

Neil Kramer aka Citizen of the Month, resides in LA. A funny and witty guy. How funny? Well, you just have to be your own judge on that.

Zinnia Cyclamen from UK and she is a funeral celebrant. There is something in the writing that I find very curious.... very curious indeed.

Scott Adams yes, its Mr. Dilbert himself, if ya dunno already, he blogs too. I find his writing witty and it never fails to show. He does not comment on comments since there is a huge following. A nice lunch time read.

I Talk Too Much ok, this is not your typical normal blog BUT it does stand out, good or bad, you decide. There are several contributors and basically they will review and comment on blogs. Are ya feeling brave today?.... if so, submit your site for a bitchy review. They'll get your wheels turning one way or another.

AND here it is, a little something for a east meet west day. It is by no means all of the blogs, there is more but kinda long in the tooth at the end of the day. Furthermore, I'm saving it for the next time. Authors of the blogs above, if ya have any changes ya like to make, please let me know. Should you have any blogs to recommend, please feel free to leave them in your comments. Thank you for your time and kind support.

Have a Nice Day and Happy Blogging! Cheers!

150th yay!