Wie takes the professional plunge

Teen sensation Michelle Wie announced her long-awaited decision to turn professional on Wednesday - six days before her 16th birthday. The Korean-American has set her sights on becoming the first woman to play in a men's major. "I've been thinking about it for a long time but now it's the right time," an excited Wie said at a news conference in a Honolulu hotel. "I'm very excited and I want to try to become the best golfer in the world." Wie made the announcement early on Wedesday morning in Hawaii so she could get to school on time. (BBC Sport)

Arrggghhh! Takecover, takecover.....here comes another teen phenomenon called Michelle Wie! And she haven't win anything...yet. It's becoming a trend nowadays...searching to the next Tiger Woods, the next Schumi, the next Anna K. So, the latest is Wie, turnin pro so young! Makes you wonder, what were you doing at age 15? Well, I was turning to God for help on my math, golf then was YUCK to me.

Wie have made a name for herself by takin on the men at their own game. Yep, Ms. Wie goes for the top like grease lightning, never mind the LPGA...sod the women, go where the big money and big time is, the PGA. She attempted the Sony Open, St Andrews Open and John Deere Classic, all PGA games. Wie have thus far tried her luck, but no ciger...she's not quitting anytime soon as she will be playing the men at Tokyo in November in the Casio World Open....go girl!

She does have the right attitude and the right drive...no, not the motivation stuff....her golf drive, it's 290 yards straight off while Korean Grace Park manages only 267 yards and world LPGA No.1 Annika Sorenstam manages 268 yards. Tiger's average drive is around 315 yards....so, she'll need at least a 300 to get competitive for a topflight place, hardwork there. It doesn't hurt that Ms.Wie six-feet tall frame helps her to get those power drives. Just like Sharapova...hmmm...is there something about tall sporting girls eh?

The last sucessful woman to play in PGA was sporting legend Babe Zaharias, a gold metalist in javelin at the 1932 Olympics, made the cut in three PGA tournaments in 1945. It is exciting to see if preception could be change and if golf could get a new fresh prespective in the future. So, it's PGA or bust for Wie, good luck Michelle and keep working on that 300!