Sharapova keen to play for Russia

Maria Sharapova has pledged herself to the Russian cause as she prepares to make her debut at the Kremlin Cup. The Siberian-born world number one, who plays in Moscow for the first time this week, says she is also keen to make her debut for the Russian Fed Cup team. "I definitely want to play for Russia in Fed Cup competition," said the 18-year-old, who left for the United States with her father 11 years ago. "I just don't know when I'll be ready to make my Fed Cup debut."

"I didn't play (Fed Cup) this year because it would have been too tough for me but in the future, yes, it's definitely one of my big goals," she said. "I also want to play in the Olympics and would love to represent Russia there as well." Such suggestions have in the past been greeted less than enthusiastically by her compatriots, most notably Anastasia Myskina who once threatened to quit the Russian team if Sharapova was picked. (BBC Sport)

Go, go Maria.....its been a so-so season this year for her but hey, can't expect a rose garden at every corner. It is sad to see the other russian players are none too keen in having her as a teammate. Why? What defines one nationality nowadays? Its by choice that she trained in the US....hence, she is consider more American? What if she was to be trained in UK, so will she be consider more English? or European? Nick Bollettieri offers the best chance for her to succeed in her career so that's what she did.

Amongst noted former foreign students include Boris Becker (Germany), Monica Seles (Serbia), Younes El Aynaoui (Morocco), Tommy Haas (Germany), Anna Kournikova, Xavier Malisse (Belgium) and Max Mirnyi (Belarus). I think that "non-Russian" statement is just rubbish, looks like plain envy cause there are those who couldn't believed that she'll have the talent and strength to take them on and win it.

Удача и Хорошая Охота Мария!