Birds, bees, insects and campus

There is a number of ppl talking about sex or related topic, so in keeping with spirit of the blog, I'll give some comment on said subject. Birds and bees did not happen until bio class at school ler. It was during some cockroach experiment, in my test jar got two female and one male, there was something weird happening to them, looks like they are having sex....then before i know it, both the female makan the male, WTF, got brady shocked, cikgu also can't explain.

Then in uni, caught a couple making out at the dorm room while i was cooking .... wow .... on the floor full monty, doing the petrol pump, 69, cowboy, missionary, reverse cowboy, leapfrog, reverse piggy-back, stand and carry, wheelbarrow, spoon, spread eagle, doggie, piledriver, rocking chair, lotus, drilling for oil, black bee, helicopter, then A-bomb explosion ... very long show, about 2 hours...my din-din was ruin, have to recook, argh. BUT, it was very educational, did not know there are sooo many positions to birdy the hole. Cheers!