The Wind-In-The-Hair SUV!

It sounds unlikely, but the the official pictures in this week's magazine confirm it. The world's first convertible SUV really is on its way! The drop-top 4x4 is the brainchild of German firm Karmann, which has collaborated with BMW to create a new car category, the Sport Utility Cabriolet (SUC).

Offering impressive off-road ability, the newcomer mixes the appeal of a limo with the storage space of a people carrier.The four-door off-roader shares a platform with BMW's X5 and weighs 2,640kg. Features include suicide rear doors, which open to 90 degrees for easy access.

These have been designed with new 'doorstop' technology, which prevents them from swingingshut unexpectedly.The machine sports large 22-inch wheels and a soft-top roof with integrated sunroof, which folds away in 13 seconds. Inside, the rear seats disappear into the floor for extra storage. The suspension, chassis and steering are all controlled electronically.

There are no details as yet regarding the engine or the car's performance. Speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show unveiling, Karmann bosses said they hoped to cash in on the popularity of both cabrios and SUVs with this new niche product. They obviously need a volume manufacturer to build the machine for, but if one is found, they believe the car would be ready for showrooms by 2009. (Autoexpress.co.uk)

The world has indeed gone hog mad. First there is the SUV and crossover craze and now its SUC. Can you beliveve it, a 4x4 convertible? Did they drink one too many jugs of beer over in Germany? I personally think it SUC.....K-armann.